Basic Information About Robots Combat

Robots Combat is about to go Mainstream

Robots used to be stuff of science fiction but now they are an everyday reality. Most robots that have been created are being used in the fields of manufacturing and healthcare. Many of them are also used for the space program and for other scientific and technology based organization. Even though robots are being used for practical purposes to help mankind; some are used for entertainment and sport.

You might not realize this but robot combat has not been around for a very long time. For the most part, the world of combat robots is hidden away from mainstream society. You should also know that it is supported by tech geeks, would be warriors and people who enjoy seeing a good brawl.

Robots Combat

To date, the biggest challenge of Robot Wars was presented last year during the summer of 2015. That is when a U.S. team of robotics engineers issued a challenge (via YouTube) to a group of Japanese robotic engineers. The U.S. team’s robot is known as the Mark II and the Japanese team has Kuratas.

This battle took place on June 30, 2016 but the winner of this epic confrontation has yet to be determined. You can certainly find out who the winner was when the results of this battle has been posted.

The Impact of Movies and Television on the World of Robot Battle Competitions

While the Mark II and Kuratas fight is a very important event for battler robots; there are other robots combat venues and competitors. In the not so distance past, science fiction was the only place where robots combat took place.

However, science fiction became reality during the late 90s when public interest first started to peak about this sport. That’s when a few TV networks decided to air battling robots to mainstream audiences. Here is a look at some of the shows that are related to this subject you might be interested in knowing about:

  • Robot Wars (1998 – 2003) (2016)
  • Robotica 2001 – 2002
  • Battlebots 200 – 2002 (2015 – present)

These shows were not the only way the masses came to know about the world of battle robots. There were plenty of films that helped to bring the world of robots combat into the spotlight. Here is a list of those films that might interest you as well:

  • Reel Steele 2011
  • Robo Warriors 1996
  • Robo Cop film series from the 80s and 90s including the 2014 version
  • Transformers films (featuring Shai LaBeouf and Mark Wahlberg in Transformers: Age of Extinction)
  • I Robot
  • Robot Jox
  • Terminator film series (robots fought against each other all throughout the series)
  • Big Hero 6 (the opening sequence showed an underground battle bot fight)

These Hollywood films that have helped to cement the sport and reality of robot battles within mainstream society. The movie that probably had the most impact within this regard is Reel Steel. Do you remember this flick that starred Hugh Jackman? Even though the movie was fiction, it was based off of “realistic” situations involving the use of battle bots in modern times.

The History of Robots Combat

The history of robots combat started during the early 90s when engineers and techies were building garage made robots and pitting them against each other. This activity was taking place underground and did not gain the attention of the mainstream until the late 90s. All of this took place in San Francisco.

Robot battles started to catch on with people who were fascinated with this type of activity. Once again, it did not make it to the mainstream until the late 90s. BBC got the idea to start airing battling robots on television as a form of a sport and form of entertainment. Then networks such as Comedy Central jumped on the bandwagon. Comedy Central thought the show would appeal to the nerd and geek crowds.

By this time a few other networks joined the bandwagon and robot battles were being broadcast. By 2002 most of these shows died out because people lost interest. However, there were plenty of people who continued this sport underground and a culture sprang up behind it. Soon, engineers and techies from all over the nation began to create their own robot fighting leagues and tournaments. They battled for money and fame.

The Robot Battle Craze from 2000 and Beyond

You should not forget that the robot battle craze kind of died out sometime around2002 up until 2015. Sometime in 2015 the craze started back up again. Movies like Big Hero 6 came out around this time and once again it showed a glimpse into the world of battle robots.

Also, something unusual was happening by 2015 as well. In the past, universities, research institutions and engineering firms did not care about battling robots. This time around many of these tech organizations are now getting in on the act.

Once a sport has big time organizations backing it; it becomes legit. The world battling robots is growing again and one of the biggest reasons why is that there are big time organizations backing it up. This is currently what is happening in 2016.

Before you go, do not forget that underground robot fighting combat takes place all the time. Big time robot combat matches are taking place on an international level. Robot battles are also being aired on television once again; and big time companies are starting to see a lucrative market in robot combat sports. The point is that robots combat is about to become another facet of American life. Once this happens, this sport is not going to fade away anytime soon.

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