The Amazing and Surprising Future of Robots

Robots have long existed within the sphere of human interactions. Microwaves, elevators, and even cars are a form of robotics that people have been using for many years. The future of robots promises to offer products that will revolutionize the way we do business and how we care for our homes.

What To Expect

Bill Gates is one industry leader that not only sees the field of robotics growing, but is also working to help young minds have access to the education necessary to develop better robots.


The heavy hitters in the business world are predicting that within the next 20 years robotics will be the largest industry on the planet. Right now newer and more advanced technology is being developed that is changing the way robots work for us. Vehicle assembly lines are becoming automated using robots to make safety checks and assemble vehicles. Robots are also beginning to take over the medical industry processing medicines and tabulating patient health and records.

What Robotics Is

Tapping into the knowledge of multiple disciplines is how the field of robotics continues to grow and flourish everyday.

The field of robotics is not one discipine. It actually combines the knowledge and ability of four different disciplines. These disciplines include:

  • electronics
  • engineering
  • mechanics
  • software

Each of these disciplines are necessary to assemble and successfully use robotics in day to day living and in industry.

Why It Is Important to Future of Robots

The field of robotics is making great strides to remove humans from dangerous situations.

Robotics offers the citizens of the world an opportunity. This opportunity allows people to avoid detrimental or dangerous situations. As the field of robotics continues to develop more advanced technology robots are taking the place of people in many situations. Some of these situations can include:

  • Combat Zones
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Natural Disaster Clean Ups
  • Disaster Relief

Robotics are allowing the ability to remove humans from dangerous situations. This ensures fewer casualties and better response times.

New Revelations

Robotics is now moving from distant factories to actual beings that can act like humans.

In recent years robotics have made great strides in developing machines that are more like humans. Artificial intelligence is one such field that has been making great strides. This field is slowly finding the means to make a robot that can think and reason. This opens up even more opportunities for robots to infiltrate our daily lives.

Another advancement in the field of robotics is making the machines walk. Soon those science fiction movies will become a reality. While a walking robot has not been made yet, scientists are very close to finalizing it.

Be Afraid?

Many worry that robots will take over life as we know know it.

The overwhelming fear is that robots will come to take over our society and our lives. Some fear the day when we will be slaves to the robots we have made. While the field of robotics continues to make great strides towards making a human like robot, the day is still far into the future.

A Positive Result

When robots are able to walk and talk and reason like humans they offer great benefits for many. Loneliness can become a thing of the past. The medicinal benefits of having a “person” to be a companion and a help will far outweigh the disadvantages of simple human fear. Robots can help in the home, office, factory, and even hospitals. Think of the day when no one ever has to be alone again.

Already Here

Robots are already a large part of our lives. Think about the ATM machine where you get money or the automated check out that makes getting a few things at the grocery store faster. There are many different types of robots all around us and we never even consider them a threat or something to be afraid of. Microwaves, a car wash, and even answering machines are all robots that work for our benefit.

We trust robots for a lot of things that are taken for granted. School standardized tests are tabulated by machines as well as many medical records that protect our health and well being. Thumbprint ignitions in cars are a form of robotics as are automated vaccuums and lawn mowers.


When considering whether or not more intrusion of machines into daily tasks and chores is a good or bad thing, we should consider not only the cost in monetary terms, but also the cost in personal terms if we did not have it. How would our lives look if there were no washing machines or hot water heaters, microwaves and even cars?